Characteristics of High EQ

Emotional Intelligence 101

I wrote this E-book for women feeling the nudge telling them “You’re meant for MORE”. I felt that nudge in 2013, so I left the security of the nursing field to become an entrepreneur.

What You'll Learn

Educate you on what

EQ actually is

Characteristics you can see

in people with high EQ

The pillars that

makeup EQ

Tips and ideas to

increase your own EQ

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

During this journey into business, I did a tremendous amount of personal growth and development. In helping others succeed, I quickly realized I had a passion for coaching. Being able to help women grow in their emotional intelligence (EQ) had me ON FIRE! That’s when I felt the nudge again. It was time to take the next step and expand my coaching to other women outside of my current business network.

Ready to learn, implement and grow?

Get the full breakdown of all the tools you need to understand emotional intelligence (EQ).

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